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Individuals and businesses, expand or get started with industry leading performance and friendly 24/7 support, without going overbudget.

Top notch services.
Top notch prices.

Make it beautiful

We continually update our services to improve speed, reliability, and user experience, whether by adding a dark (night) mode or a new feature our customers have been asking for.

Make it robust

We use enterprise-grade hardware to ensure maximum performance in our secure data centers with the best available Intel® Xeon® CPUs, high speed RAM, and a DDoS protected uplink.

Make it right

By choosing RabbitNode, you get a commitment. A commitment to be served by our 24/7 support staff, a commitment to 99% uptime, and a 14 day money-back guarantee.

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We don’t like to brag.
But our customers sure do.

Quick Efficient Service!    5
“Honestly quick replies, friendly service. Sometimes I mess up with computer stuff so for a quick turnaround is the best when you're trying to set something up quickly!” NineSevenFive

Good choice    5
“RabbitNode is a awesome service that provides a lot of helpful features to run a server big or small. They staff are always open to assisting in any way possible.” Kenneth

Good stuff    5
“Cheap, reliable, efficient, helpful, would recommend!” — DoubleThePsycho

“Great, Really Reccomend! HURRY UP IF YOU WANT QUALITY!” — rio wrenn-lewis

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