New Minecraft and web hosting plans

2018 is a big year for us as we continue to embellish RabbitNode’s offerings. Starting today, the following product pricing is being simplified.

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Minecraft servers

Minecraft pricing is being simplified.

Here is what is going to happen starting today.

  1. The Premium and Standard plans are being replaced with one Minecraft plan.
  2. The new Minecraft pricing is $2.95/GB. This price is a compromise of our both plans (which were $2.75/GB and $3.50/GB respectively).
  3. Plugin configurations will no longer be built into the plans.
  4. A dedicated IP is now an add-on for $1.95/month.
  5. The new server control panel is now available at

Existing clients of the old plans can get a 25% discount for the first month by contacting us. You can still use your old plans, however, expect these to be phased out sooner rather than later. They are marked as Legacy.

Web hosting

Web hosting pricing is changing. Basic & Standard are getting more features. Unlimited plan featureset stays the same.

To give you an explanation of these changes, you need to understand how we operate.

Each web hosting account is on one big box. That big box is called a node. We need multiple nodes to make sure everybody can have a web hosting account. And if there are too many accounts on one node, that node slows down, affecting all the accounts on that node (this is what overselling is and we avoid it at all costs). In 2018 we are improving our infrastructure, which means the cost of running just one account on our new nodes is more significant, not to mention the other growing overhead costs. To make sure everything runs smoothly, we are upping the prices, but also increasing features.

Everyone who purchased a web hosting account before January 26th gets to keep the old prices. Old plans will be marked as Legacy. To view the changes, check the new plans on the comparison table.

Please note that the Terms and Conditions have been updated for these changes. In addition, our SLA is now live.


Do you have any feedback? Possible issues or questions? You can discuss on Discord or ping us @RabbitNode. Feel free to contact us by other methods too.