Minecraft: Java Edition

Rule your world with the tools every server owner wants.

Starting at US$2.95/GB.

Get unbeatable hardware, a handcrafted mobile-optimized panel, and 24/7 support (even by Discord)! RabbitNode guarantees quality, so feel free to ask sales for a 7d trial.

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First class citizen on our network

We make no sacrifices to our network and game servers are no exception. With unlimited bandwidth, unlimited slots, and 80 Gbps DDoS protection, your server is treated as a first class citizen. To show courtesy, RabbitNode also offers a 99% uptime guarantee alongside the 14 day money-back guarantee as standard. To learn more, read our Service Level Agreement.

Unbeatable hardware at this price point

All servers come equipped with enterprise grade CPUs (E3 1240v5 or E3 1270v6), fast SSDs with unlimited storage, and error-correcting (ECC) RAM. This package is available from a Canadian data center based in Beauharnois. Unlike some companies, RabbitNode ensures each array of servers (nodes) is not oversold, to keep performance at a steady high.

Get 24/7 support, even on Discord

Our goal is to provide you the best customer service on the market. And of the biggest aspects that sets RabbitNode apart is the ease of getting in touch. Whenever you need help, for whatever, we are only a message away on live chat, Telegram, Messenger, Twitter, traditional email, and even Discord (both voice and text).

What decked out hosting looks like

We want RabbitNode to be more than just your host, but also a partner you can trust to work with. As such, we have a customized version of Multicraft ready for use on any device, a 1 Gbps uplink, SFTP access, free MySQL, a JAR picker, easy modpack installs, manual full server backups, payments by PayPal, and free trials of both Enjin & Buycraft Unlimited.

0.5 GB (512 MB)

Starting at US$1.50/mo
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  12 slots recommended
  Dedicated IP US$1.95/mo extra

1 GB (1024 MB)

Starting at US$2.95/mo
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  24 slots recommended
  Dedicated IP US$1.95/mo extra

2 GB (2048 MB)

Starting at US$5.90/mo
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  48 slots recommended
  Dedicated IP US$1.95/mo extra

3 GB (3072 MB)

Starting at US$8.85/mo
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  72 slots recommended
  Dedicated IP US$1.95/mo extra

4 GB (4096 MB)

Starting at US$11.80/mo
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  96 slots recommended
  Dedicated IP US$1.95/mo extra

6 GB (6144 MB)

Starting at US$17.70/mo
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  144 slots recommended
  Free dedicated IP

8 GB (8192 MB)

Starting at US$23.60/mo
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  192 slots recommended
  Free dedicated IP

10 GB (10240 MB)

Starting at US$29.50/mo
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  240 slots recommended
  Free dedicated IP

and all plans include…

unlimited SSD storage       unmetered bandwidth       unlimited player count       top of the line enterprise grade Intel® Xeon® E3 v5 CPUs       DDoS protected 1 Gbps uplink       error-correcting (ECC) DDR4 RAM       handcrafted control panel for desktops and mobiles       24/7 help       99% uptime guarantee       45d Enjin and 30d Buycraft trials