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If you have ideas big or small, we can make them all come to fruition. RabbitWorks is a new subsidiary of RabbitNode that gives people access to cheap and quality designs, code, configurations, and more. Join us or contact us & get a quote.

Yes, we know your struggles,
and understand your needs

You want updates

Everyone working for RabbitWorks understands how excited you are. Your project is just as important to you as it is to us.

You want expertise

After all, if you are going to outsource, it is important to choose a vendor that appreciates quality and has good resources.

You want affordability

And we will work with you to get the right balance between price and the level of detail required for the task at hand.

You want flexibility

We can offer all of our services for an hourly rate or a fixed rate (with additional changes) per every task completed.


Do you want to make your project look stunning?
Get professional vectorized logos, brand guidelines,
amazing websites, and consultations from an expert.

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Starting at     $24.95/hr


Java back-ends and plugins are available.
Sites are done with HTML5, CSS3, Sass, vanilla JS.
Consultations from an expert are also available.

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Starting at     $24.95/hr


The configuration service includes setup of game servers,
social media, and any other software
that you might need help with.

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Starting at     $14.95


Minecraft servers always need something built.
And we can help you build anything you want!
Includes structures, terraforming, pixel art.

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Typically     $12.45/hr